Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I had two short errands to run and BlackJack said if he could go he'd drive.  Yesterday I vacuumed and cleaned the entire car.  No puppy mung in the car?  Let's fix that.  BlackJack jumped in and immediately picked shotgun secret agent seat.  What happened to "I'll drive, Mom"?  We rolled down the windows, opened the sunroof and drove slow enough for BlackJack's ears to go back but not flap when he stuck his head out the window.  

We went by Aunt Lynn's house to give her a check for the fun things bought at her last sale.  I told him I was just dropping the check in her mailbox so he could stay in the car.  That was fine with him since he's afraid of the house next to hers.  On to the post office.  I dropped the letters in the box since BlackJack was on the lookout for any cats in the parking lot that might need herding.  Thank goodness none appeared.  Home and exhausted dog immediately under Dad's drawing table for a good nap for the perfect escort.
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