Wednesday, July 16, 2008

East Dallas Art Gardens

I have to brag, the rose and Japanese Maple are in my yard.  This is the Bobbi/Lola rose.  When they went to the rose emporium they brought it back for me.  When it blooms it takes my breath away.  The Japanese maple is the one Barb grew from SEED in her yard.  How impressive is that?  I kept the maple in the living room in the front window for months after she gave it to me.  I was going to put it in a pretty pot and leave it in the house, but decided to put it in a clay pot close to where I weld.  I check on it several times a day and it's fine outside.  Someday, I'll be able to plant it in the yard.  Like the roses from my Mother's, Grandmother's, Aunt Evelyn and Aunt Rita's gardens these two plants given to me by friends make me smile every day.  May you have "given" plants who do the same for you.
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