Sunday, July 6, 2008


I've been daydreaming about redoing our back deck.  I'm thinking a fountain that might turn into a pond, that might turn into fish.  I design and redesign it in when I'm driving or doing other mindless things.  

Randall told us he wanted a bed for his birthday but to wait until he and his roommates found a house to rent.  They found the house so we met him at IKEA today.  Thank goodness we left early since IKEA's in Frisco, Oklahoma.  We drove and drove.  We got there before Randall and wandered a bit with the masses of humanity who had the same idea we did.  Randall arrived and by them I'm all confused, but he'd been there before with Caitlan, so I wandered while he and Bob got the job done. I suggested a treat since things can get nasty when low blood sugar attacks me.  The girls told me they always stop to eat while shopping there.  

After Randall picked out the bed, mattress, bedding and shelf we had to go downstairs and put them all on a cart.  Mr. Patience (Bob) is good with all that, but I was ready to be outta there.  Then we had to try to get all this stuff, mattress included in Randall's car.  He and Bob  stuffed it to the ceiling.  I decided to direct Randall as he backed out of his parking space.  Safety first - so I didn't see the lady walking, we just scared her a little.

Bobbi and Laurie told me yet again when we met for a Babe event last week how wonderfully cheap IKEA is.  Well, sure until you add it all up.  Remember my daydreaming deck?  It will be floating in the clouds a bit longer.  

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