Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Art in the Garden

Let's talk "art in the garden".  I only wish the pictures could capture the true color of this hibiscus flower.  It's a red/pink no human could duplicate.  For at least the last 4 years our deck has been falling apart.  Miss Indecision keeps thinking about what she wants and as a result does nothing.  This hibiscus was in a pot forever and would bloom once or twice a year.  Last winter I didn't take it in before a freeze and thought I'd lost it.  Rather than throw it away - I can't throw anything away, I stuck it in the ground in a shady area.   Every day this plant treats me to one to three blooms.  But it's the color, which I wish showed up in this picture, that's so astounding.  

Now I'm finally getting bids on a new deck and thinking why not expand it a few feet?   Of course, the hibiscus is right in the way of the expansion.  Don't know if it's worth giving up these beautiful blooms every morning just to have more room on the deck.

Any thoughts?

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