Monday, July 28, 2008

First Guitar in Randall's Garden

Here's the first finished piece in Randall's Garden to be displayed at the State Fair of Texas this year.  I have artists e-mailing me daily to display their sculptures.  Some send pictures and I'm amazed.  

Saturday morning Rebecca and Ken Boatman hosted the media committee meeting for the White Rock Lake 2008 Artists Studio Tour.  Everyone on the committee agreed I could cross over with media for State Fair Sculptures.  Of course I recruited everyone there for a sculpture.  Laurie works with paper, but I feel sure with all the creative people on this tour we can figure out how to put even paper outdoors for next year.  She creates fascinating pieces and needs to be at Fair, too.  

Marty started the WRLAST over 15 years ago.  This tour if the mother that began the other tours and Marty is the mother of the tour.  Everyone's got their act together.  Think how much I'll learn for our neighborhood White Rock East Garden and Artist's Tour and the State Fair.  Plus, we now have Laurie signed on to be the Artists Czarina for the Garden Tour.  She's recruiting Betsy.  Here come the professionals.

I'm all pumped up and enthusiastic, but it's 106 outside right now, so I've made the house as dark as I can get it and still see to get to the thermostat and hope the air conditioner is holding up.  I am so done with this weather.

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