Friday, July 11, 2008


Last night the Barbaree Babes including new Babe, Vince, came over to view the White Rock East Garden & Artisan's Tour video the boys made during the preview tour.  Though I got my camera, we were laughing and eating so much I didn't get pictures until they left.  

The boys cooked a fabulous "snack event" and then we sat around the TV while the Lola, our star, did her thing with the neighbors.  Mitch is going to edit later.  Marty insisted most of Lola's off the cuff comments must remain and she's right.  Lola's a natural.  The neighbors were great and we laughed until we cried.  I suggest we rename the Barbaree Babes the "Fun and Laughter".   

Vince said the birdhouse thief continues to steal.  I hope someone who reads this (since I know thieves can't read) tells you if we ever find out who you are know you will have the wrath of the entire Barbaree Babe group.  You think you're stealthy - stealing Vince's birdhouses, wait until you deal with us.  Again, SHAME on you.

I'm going to get on the internet and find an upcoming cat show.  Somehow we've got to get behind the scenes so Lola can interview the cat owners.  This girl is a natural born interview star.  Mitch said he can get a clipping of the video on this blog soon.  Stay tuned, you won't want to miss this.  

Here's Logan, Bob, Randall and Mitch after everyone left.  The boys stayed for the BlackJack walk.  BlackJack may have had the best time.  Everyone gave him a bite of the video crew's gourmet delights.  Today BlackJack spent most of the day asleep under Bob's drawing table trying to recoup from company last night.

Oh, and to the person in Lake Mary, Florida, who reads this blog - I know you're learning to shoot a gun.  We may need you for the birdhouse thief, be ready, be stealthy, when you get the call.

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