Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ronnie, Bonnie and LuLu

Saw Ronnie, Bonnie and LuLu tonight when Bob and I took BlackJack on his walk. They are sooooooo cute. Ronnie feels comfortable enough with BlackJack now not to pick up LuLu.

Ronnie is our human neighbor, Bonnie his dog and LuLu is Bonnie's goose. LuLu follows Bonnie anywhere. Bonnie follows Ronnie and off they go in the opposite direction for their walk. We are talking cute. I'm going to interview them for the next neighborhood newsletter. I'd like to try to make a video of them walking single file down our street and post it on the Forest Hills website.

Do we live in the coolest neighborhood with the best neighbors or what? And I include Barbaree in my neighborhood even tho I live on the wrong side of the tracks.
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