Sunday, July 25, 2010

Chapters in metal #5, blowing kisses

Cooking my State Fair piece - Star #3 going in the kiln, Star #2 just out. Thankfully, no Lottie was hurt in the cooking of the glass. Enough about that.

Just got back from another Just Let Lynn Do It’s fabulous estate sale. You know I have a phobia about driving 6 miles out of my comfort zone, so Andie picked me up in Mad Cow. A great big garbage truck pulled up next to my side at the red light. Andie hit the MOOOOOOOO button and the guy driving was laughing so hard I could see teeth missing. I rolled down the window and blew him a kiss. He caught it and put it in his pocket. Then he said, “Ya’ll must be from Oklahoma.” I said indignantly, ‘NO.” He replies, “Then Arkansas.” I said, "NO, Cajun Country, New Iberia, Louisiana.”

The light turned green, he took my kiss out of his pocket and blew it back to me and roared off with all of us laughing. Is this the greatest country with the greatest people?

Don’t miss a “Just Let Lynn Do It” estate sale. You never know who will catch your kiss and put it in their pocket.
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