Sunday, July 18, 2010

Chapters in Metal #3

Chapters in Welding, Chapter Three

Mobile for State Fair, continued

Finished putting the stuff that’s like a cast on the football armature and then slathered thinset slip on top. Messy, messy, but I feel like a baker mixing the thinset and water. Then I wrap it in a black trash bag, like tin foil on a turkey? All I lack is the cool chef outfit and hat.

Back to welding. Cut up some metal rods and welded them into a star, sweet. Stuffed glass inside the star and stuck it in the kiln. Forgot to put fiber paper between the metal and glass. OOOOPS! Think of a blown up cake in the oven, but glassy looking. Maybe it’s time to quit looking for parallels between cooking glass and cooking food.

Cleaned the kiln, cleaned the star, stuffed yet more glass in it and it’s in the kiln. Won’t be welding until the star’s cooked. When I plug in my hair dryer the lights in the house flicker. I worry what would happen if I welded while the kiln’s cooking. Probably blow up the back yard. Messy, messy.
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