Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Chapters in Metal

I read about an author in the Dallas Morning News. When he finished a chapter of his novel, he posted it on his website. Pretty interesting. I think I'll post chapters of my State Fair pieces in progress.

Chapter One.

The first piece is "Stadium Seating". Tribute to next year's superbowl.

I love making chairs, regular size and miniature. Decided to make miniature chairs and display them at different heights. This is a chance to make chairs my imagination dreamed of. Here's 4 finished and powdercoated and 4 rusty ones going to the powdercoater today. The second 4 will be powdercoated black. Didn't realize until Bob told me, but the Dallas Cowboys have 4 colors; black, white, navy blue and silver. So making 16 chairs with 4 in each color. They will be displayed in one of the gardens at the Fair.

Big Announcement: I don't think I've told you this before, but 2nd Avenue at the Fair will be listed on the map as Sculptors' Way. Pretty cool, huh? We have 65 artists bringing 1 to 3 pieces, so Sculptors' Way will be lined with beautiful sculptures. You wouldn't believe how many people still say to me, "Where are the sculptures?" Special thanks to Errol McKoy, President of the State Fair of Texas for this wonderful tribute to all the Friends of Lottie artists.

More Chapters in Metal to come.
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