Friday, July 9, 2010

More pictures and a little commentary

We continue with the 4th of July parade in Forest Hills. I sent my article to White Rock Lake Weekly along with some parade pictures. They generously put in the picture of Judy and Lucy with our favorite patrol car and the wonderful poster the girls made for it. My article was in the middle of some other other article that started with Lakehill news. Please, as much money as Bob and I gave Lakehill for our son's 13 years there, well - do I have to share article space with them? Whatever. No the child didn't flunk a grade, he went to kindergarten there, too. I want credit for paying the full 13 years. Looking back isn't an education overrated? But I digress. Also wanted to mention I got no bi line either. But check it out, the girls are too cute.

Yes, a bit cranky tonight. More computer problems. Our modem died as it does every year at this time. Love complaining to the AT&T people who replied, "yes, the modems last about a year." Swell. Got it installed and still problems. Bob and I have always said we need a wife, someone to cook, clean and buy groceries. Forget that - we need a live in computer tech, well maybe a 3 hour a day computer tech and then then he/she goes away.
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