Thursday, July 15, 2010

Chapters in Metal #2

Got tired of welding miniature chairs and decided to start on my second piece for the State Fair. Hopefully this will be a mobile to compliment "Stadium Seating". One football (misshapen) along with odd shaped stars. My idea of a tribute to football and the Dallas Cowboys.

Here's the beginning of "misshapen". Welding takes a nano second; cutting and wiring the hardware cloth to fit takes decades (in Lottie time) and cuts up my hands. Everyone asks me if we have a new kitten who hates me. Drew Perez taught a class at CAC years ago that had nothing to do with making armatures, but she graciously let me take her mosaic class and taught me how to make an armature. Then Karen taught me another way and I'm combining the two. "Misshapen" football will be covered in that stuff you make bandages out of then a cement type slip. Hey, I'm starting to like the name "Misshapen", but I don't think others would appreciate that as the name of the mobile. Most people do not have the wonderful gift for names I do.

Our blue Australian Shepard was named "Blue", our calico cat named "Calico" and of course our darling all black chow and Belgium Shepard - "BlackJack". See how I have that naming gift? Guess our son should be glad his name isn't "Son".

Virginia, found special orange stain glass for me, thank you Virginia. The glass will be in Friday, so mosaicing in over 100 degree heat, here I come.

Nan, our webmaster at Texas Sculpture Association redid my web page. She did a really nice job. You might want to take a look at it. Click right here: TSA, for my member page. Lots of State Fair artists are members of TSA, you can check them, too.
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