Friday, July 23, 2010

Chapters in Metal, #4

East Dallas Art Gardens should have something about gardens once in a blue moon. When I weld I have a kitchen timer with me. I set it for 15 minutes, put a hose on low flow and water a plant at a time. Then hopefully I won’t be grinding or welding when the timer dings. If I don‘t hear the ding, I forget. Can’t hear the drowning plants screaming either. Should weld some metal plants. Rust in bloom is all the rage.

Spent most of the week welding more stars. Today took the redone star out of the kiln. Thank you Virginia, this one came out great. Cut tons of glass shards and put another star in to bake, no welding. If I plug my hair dryer into a certain outlet the house lights blink, so I’m scared to run the welder and the kiln at the same time.

I’m scared of so many things. Took me years, but this summer I got brave enough to turn on the torch without calling Cynthia. We now know her cell phone works in elevators, hiking in Santa Fe and road trips to Oklahoma. But yesterday, I needed my oxygen tank refilled. Couldn’t bring myself to take the gauge off without calling her. Mental picture of me blowing up the back yard. So I called, she walked me through it. Embarrassing to be afraid of the tanks and fire.

Cynthia says as I’m hanging up, “Would you pick up some mig wire for me when you exchange your tank?” Sure. Did Cynthia say, “And you might check your mig and see if you’re running low on wire.” I thought of it when I was nearly home with the oxygen tank rolling around in my trunk and her box of wire on my front seat. Back to GWS next week.

Like I say every year, “Next year I’m starting my State Fair pieces in December”. Sure.

Oops! Left the water on.

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