Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chapters in Metal, #5

It's been too long since I've written. Been outside frying my brain for glass stars. The stars on the left hanging are part of a mobile. The mobile part was OK, but oh my the base. Finally, Delbert came to my rescue. He took the base I was going to use (that I can't move, lift or shove) and he's going to add curved rods on it and from there these stars will hang. Thank you, Delbert. This would have been a no piece without you.

Tomorrow I will be welding the outline of a star for the glass stars on the table to hang on to. Probably won't be a nice little rain shower like we had today.

Here's the big secret. The State Fair is going to select some sculptures for BIG TEX CIRCLE!!!! I'm so hoping to get one of my pieces selected. So I'm making several. Worth having my brain fried in this heat. No gallery would be as exciting for this old amusement park girl as having a piece of mine displayed in BIG TEX CIRCLE. Can you imagine, during the Fair at night when all the people go home, a sculpture I made could be having midnight conversations with Big Tex. How cool would that be????????????

If you haven't already read my article in about the Red Bull art show at Galleria Dallas, that's the Galleria's new name.
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