Monday, March 23, 2009

Gardens and Weddings

Evil spirits are captured in this empty wine bottle holder. Only in California would a bottle tree be a wine bottle holder. I'm not sure I explained to Dan the reason he has no evil spirits in his house is because they are all living in the bottles. May we all have bottle trees of any fashion. And this little pot of succulents, like a little family living together, well, a family that gets along in small spaces. Really a little garden in a pot.

Is this little metal stand with a piece of granite on top perfect for this plant in the house? Who'd have thought?

Ronnie, Justin and you can barely see Pam, at the alter. I wish I had a really good picture of Pam in this fabulous outfit looking fabulous. The material, color, jewelry, shoes, makeup hair - she had it all, my little butterfly.
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