Monday, March 9, 2009

Justin's Wedding

We're here in Malibu, CA for Sophia and Justin's wedding. 70 people at the rehearsal dinner Friday night. 200 at the wedding Saturday afternoon. Beautiful service. Waiters with drinks and incredible treats wandering around Sheila and Maynard's house for an hour. Then all to dinner in the tented tennis court in the back yard. Dinner, toasts, speeches and much much dancing the night away. I danced with 30 year old boys I remember when they were just a twinkle in their mother's eyes. Sunday brunch at a great restaurant on Ocean Boulevard and Broadway overlooking the ocean of course with the last of the wedding party. As we left "Unforgettable" sung by Natalie and Nat King Cole playing. Grabbed Pam and had once last dance among the diners. She blew everyone away at the wedding and again at brunch the next day. Looked simply fabulous.

Lunch with Ira today on the Malibu Pier, dinner with Dan and Sheila - in Venice.

Tomorrow Dan's giving me a cooking lesson - pasta - then we will eat outside, high up here in the Malibu hills overlooking the ocean. Doesn't matter if the pasta is edible. I love it here, so many wonderful memories here and Santa Monica.

First time I met Pam, she was pregnant with Justin. We had lunch, her, John, Bob and me at Maxwell's Plum in New York City. For dessert we had flaming Baked Alaska. Waiter gave me a balloon bouquet. Pam said, "When we leave the restaurant make a wish and let the balloons go. Your wish will come true." I can say 35 years later all my wishes came true.
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