Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gardens and More Gardens

Here's Justin and his about to be Mother-In-Law in the driveway garden before the bride makes her entrance. In the 3rd picture, notice the giant pepper tree, so big they had big metal supports for it.

Speaking of beautiful trees, check out the last picture of the bent palm tree in Dan's yard by the outdoor room. Notice the colored light strung across. At night during a party, the lights make me look about 5'10" tall with big blond hair, bold makeup and giant jewels. Seriously.

The window looking into the outdoor room shows the three square pot plants sitting on the sill. Inside the outdoor room is the Raiders Of The Lost Ark fireplace. Sitting in that room in the morning looking out at the pool and pot plants all over the back patio is one of my favorite places. Dan says it's too cold in the mornings for that room, so he turns on the fireplace for me. Instead of logs this fireplace like all his fireplaces have the broken glass instead of logs. Each fireplace has different colored glass. Very hard for me to get up off the red sofa he's had in every house in the 35 years we've known him. But I tell myself, "Get up - ocean view on other side of house." That does it.

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