Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gardens and Gowns

Here's Johnny Boy escorting one of the bridesmaids down the isle. I've known him since he was a little guy. He said sometimes people tell him he looks like Tony Soprano. I told him more like Big Pussy. Wait till you see a front picture of him and you'll agree. He's such a good guy he took that in stride. Then petals on the pathway, such a shame to let mere mortals walk on them. Let the "bride and bridesmaids gown parade" begin.

Today we had rain like they never see in California. Early in the day, tho they predicted rain I couldn't believe it would be anything but a drizzle. On the way home from Mom's, it poured. Took forever and at that bewitching time of day when you'd like to have a nap anyway. Stopped at Braums on the way to Fort Worth to see Vicki, Sarah and Gabariella, an adorable two year old. They were in a hurry, so I was on to Mom's with a chocolate malt for her.

And on to a few more Dan garden pictures.

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