Thursday, March 19, 2009

A little Malibu, a little Santa Monica

A little Malibu foliage mixes with Santa Monica rehearsal dinner at Valentinos. Each of the pots at Dan's house, inside and out are little artscapes in themselves. Each group of guests at the rehearsal dinner were little pockets of "so glad to be with you again".

The orange and yellow flowers on the ground in the first photo didn't just rebloom every morning - they came on stage. Their colors are so vibrant in real life. I'd love to bring the Forest Hills Garden Club to Dan's for an afternoon tea. This would be better than our field trip to Robert Bellamy's. We'd bring Robert's Staci as our personal guest. Even though Dan's sold his restaurant - imagine him catering our tea with his house, mountain and ocean setting. Oh, my, a perfect afternoon for the garden girls.

And a perfect evening, thank you, perfect rehearsal dinner hosts, Pam and Ronnie. Did I mention the appetizers and drinks while we were in the private room before dinner were enough for dinner for me? Some kind of shrimp on a kabob I could eat every day forever. Visited with Kim (blue dress) a while. She's delightful, lucky Brian.
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