Thursday, March 26, 2009

Santa Monica Wedding/Malibu Garden

Here's the back of Kato's head watching Ronnie before Justin and Sophia take their vows under the giant pepper tree. Great setting.

Then back to garden artscapes. The big pot/table with the little succulents under glass has fascinated me since Dan designed it 7 years ago. I don't understand why the succulents don't burn up as the sun hits them through the glass. Malibu sun sensitive to little succulents under glass? I love a walking stick plant and the plant in the blue china pot reminds me of one. I'm wondering how heavy the pot by the pool is. I'm also wondering how Dan got all these pots in the back yard. Must have been a job. But talk about worth it. Everywhere you turn in this yard is another little or big surprise you didn't notice on your last visit, or yesterday's walk around. Pretty special

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