Saturday, March 14, 2009

The trip to CA for Sophia and Justin's wedding

Get ready, I downloaded 232 pictures of the trip to California for Justin and Sophia's wedding. We begin with Dan's place in Malibu where we stayed. I took pictures of every pot, plant and outside area. The house and grounds are magnificent. We are up high on the mountain overlooking the ocean as the first two pictures show. The days were so crystal clear you could see (sea) forever. The last is a picture of some kind of moss roses on steriods. The picture doesn't do justice to the vibrant orange and yellow colors of this type of moss rose on steriods. I was walking by and these flowers stopped me in my tracks. We were staying with the ultimate hosts. I'll tell you more about my cooking lessons from Dan - yes, that's not a typo, cooking lessons. Dan's saying for the trip was, "If you can weld, you can cook." He was determined to send me home with the saying true.
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