Friday, December 19, 2008

It's All About Larry/Randy

It's all about Larry/Randy. I've told you about the name confusion with Randy/Larry or Larry/Randy, but I haven't mentioned what a great guy he is. One of my best days was meeting Randy at the State Fair of Texas to ride the Skyway he'd just put in. We ran into Leslye and Lorie and all rode together. Then Lorie got a great picture of me in Bob's museum fountain garden. I'm standing in the garden pointing like Vanna White to my mosaic sculptures when the sprinklers come on and she caught exactly that. I love that garden. Only problem is it's so big with the museum flags flying above you can't get all of it in one picture. Course I think they should rename it "Bob's Fountain @ the State Fair of Texas". I'll start a write in.

Lorie and Leslie didn't attend our Christmas party this year and I haven't talked to her to find out why. Anyway, after the Fair, Bob and I took Randy/Larry to Patricios for Italian and had a great lunch. I know, all that food at the Fair and we go out, but hey, it's Patricios and we always take out of towners there.

Here's some pictures of Randy/Larry in our booth at the IAAPA trade show. First picture has Lars' friend Paul in it. He's an interesting guy. More about him later. This is all about Randy/Larry who was so instrumental in getting the Skyway to the State Fair of Texas. Hopefully Bob and Larry will be involved in more projects. Seems like we are around friends more when Bob's doing business with them.
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