Thursday, December 11, 2008

More International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions pictures

Here's one of my favorite people in the world with us at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show. He deserves his own blog post. Ira's one of the wonderful men I got when I married Bob. Bob and Ira go back to Randall Duell's office way back when. Yes, our James Randall is named after Mr. Duell.

When we went to California to Dan's birthday party we stayed with Ira. His home is on the very edge of a mountain overlooking the ocean. The house is fantastic and then windows and windows of ocean view make the whole experience like a dream for a landlocked girl like me.

I'm trying to get Ira to write a book about his parents. Ira says their story has been told many times, but theirs, of course is their own. Ira's niece is doing some research. But like I told Ira, a story he heard from his parents needs to be retold by him. I'll keep harassing him. I wish I'd met both his parents, but especially his Mother. Ira lives next door to his brother and he's a darling man, too, whom we enjoyed during our stay.

On a different but related note. When Bob lived in California as a young man and worked for Mr. and Mrs. Duell, he rarely wrote home. Mrs. Duell started writing to Bob's Mom to keep her updated on her boy. They wrote to each other the rest of their lives, though they never met. I met Mrs. Duell and nearly fell over. She was the spitting image of Bob's Mother. These two women who never met, were penpals forever because of their Bob and, they looked alike. The odd part of this is everyone, Bob included, didn't really notice until I went on about how much they looked alike. Both were really great women and are missed by those who loved them.
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