Saturday, April 11, 2009

White Rock East Garden & Artisans Tour, last year pictures

Today's pictures are a mishmash of last year's tour, this year's tour and my fabulous bowling ball that should be on every tour, but is not asked. An oversight I'm sure. Maybe if I weld a special stand for it? Welding brings out the best in everyone, even bowling balls.

Don't you love Mary's stacked pots that make a stand for her garden sculpture? I told myself I was stealing that idea and here it is a year later and I haven't made myself a stacked pot stand.

The fountain picture is a sneak preview of a wonderful garden on this year's tour. Yes, a teaser. You really really don't want to miss this year's tour as that fountain proves.

Saw Lola today. Told her she's doing the commentary on the garden tour preview night video. Her response? "I'll dress better!" Gotta love her. Once again a solid year has gone by and have we progressed with Lola starring in "The Barbaree Beat"? Nooooooooooo But this might be our year. Hey maybe if my bowling ball sneaks in this year's video and future videos, it could be our mascot and get us on Oprah!
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