Monday, April 20, 2009

East Dallas Art Gardens

Here's some roses in an East Dallas garden I really love. MINE!

I don't know if my grandmother, mother, aunts or great aunts gave them to me and they all traded flowers so much they wouldn't know either. These are old roses. I don't know their name. They bloom all at once in clumps and then they're gone for a while continuing on like that all through the blooming season. The best part is they smell like a rose. No, the best part is they make me smile every time I look at them and remember the wonderful ladies who enjoyed them in their yards. The garden fairies who watch over me and the roses are those ladies looking down on me. They keep me safe while I weld.

I kept the roses in pots forever worried if I messed with them they would die. Nope. Now one year after planting them, they've exploded and sort of take care of themselves. Same with the Japanese Maple Barb gave me. Kept in a pot, then transferred to a larger pot. Only a month ago had the nerve to plant it. Hopefully, my garden fairies will help it explode with happiness, too.

Aren't "given" plants the best?
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