Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Unusual Occurances

No pictures, just news of today. I asked Rick if he would please put the scroll saw I bought at a garage sale 3 years ago together and make it work and show me how to operate it. He did and I thanked him. While he was putting it together, I started my whine about my dremel. The one that's been hiding from me for at least 6 months. While whining I started to clean out my shop a bit. Rick walked in and said, "What's that hanging on the wall behind that stuff?" My dremel! Cynthia will be more pleased than me, because she won't have to listen to me whining about the missing dremel. I lust for a holder for the dremel like Juli's that turned it into a drill press. Couldn't lust too much with a missing dremel.

Cleaned up to go with Bob to the Apple store for some questions. They answered all so we decided to go to LaMadeline for a salad. As we walked from the parking lot, Bob walked back to the car to be sure he'd locked it. I continued toward the restaurant. Beautiful day. I glance at a man sitting at one of the outdoor tables. The man is John Dibs. Bob walks up and I say to him, "There's John Dibs." Bob nods. The unusual part of this is John has been dead quite a few years. I look at John again and he looks up at me. He knows I know. I know he knows I know.
Bob and I walk into LaMadeline. The people in front of us insist we go ahead of them. We do and I say to Bob, "I'm going outside. That's really John Dibs and I'm going to talk to him." I put my tray on the rack and run outside. John's gone - with no trace he was ever there. The newspaper he was reading, gone. The dishes in front of him, gone. I look around and not a soul in site. Less than a minute I was inside.

Do you watch Saving Grace? Who's your favorite character? Earl the angel? Me, too. This was like an Earl appearance. We got our food and sat outside and I called Pam (John's second, wife. Pam's second husband.) No one home. I'll call again tonight and tell Pam it really was John. Oh, my, as with Earl, we will just be glad John's here. I will forever watch that table.
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