Monday, April 13, 2009

Snider Plaza Art Walk

Snider Plaza Art Walk came about because Max visited the State Fair of Texas and called the office asking how to get in touch with the artists. Melanie gave him my number. This is the State Fair show revisited, except Cynthia did all the work. The show can accommodate some indoor pieces we could not have at the Fair, like Nan's glass piece. Monica's "Animals of Texas" was a big success at the Fair and will be in Snider Plaza also. This glass piece says, "Brad Abrams". Max particularly requested Cynthia's flaming from the Fair. Please be sure and go to Snider Plaza, walk around and enjoy the art - perhaps buy some from fabulous local artists. These pictures were taken during the art walk reception and I must tell you Max put on a reception like we've never seen before. We will follow him anywhere. Good karma will follow you while you walk about enjoying the art.

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