Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Garden Fairys, Gnomes and the Big Dragon

Yesterday, I went to the followup Artscape committee meeting at the Arboretum. We on the committee agreed Artscape in the garden was a resounding success. Guess which volunteer had the most fun working the show? Maybe "working" is not the correct description.

First picture shows the Artscape Committee members and the cute redhead is our Arboretum leader - Joy. I told Mary later what a great job she does constantly disarming us with her awsome smile. After, I walked down to the Camp House for the meeting with Mary B and the neighborhood Arboretum liaisons shown in second pictgure. Mary told us new projects in the works for the Arboretum. Took these pictures of tulips on the way. A lot are in their last days, but I find them to be "best of show" right now, all wide open and struggling to keep going. These pictures do not do them justice.

When I walked down to the Camp House meeting taking pictures, the park was closed. Sun setting, no one around but me - magic time. I slipped through the "magic portal" and visited with the garden fairys. Always polite to the garden gnomes, but stayed out of their way. Saw the tail of the big dragon as he was rounding a corner on some mission. Was hoping for a quick fly over the lake with him. Maybe next time.

I so wish my camera worked inside the "magic portal" for your sake.

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