Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mason's Crawfish Boil

Two "ToDo's" tonight. Crawfish Boil at the Mason's and Deep Ellum Art Walk where I had 2 pieces featured at Chi Gallery.

Let's see - crawfish vs. art? Crawfish!

When I said goodbye to Donna and thanked her, I asked her if she thought I should shower before going to gallery. She said, "Yes, you smell of crawfish." We had several people over to go to Gallery Walk with us. Bob took them out to eat while I was at the Mason's. When I walked in the house, I announced I needed to shower fast since I smell of crawfish. My darling son, who drove in for gallery night (and a party he was going to later) said, "No, Mom, you reek of crawfish." I'm happiest when I REEK of crawfish.

The gallery event was good, but the crawfish boil was terrific. Jeff cooks them to perfection. Thank goodness for the gallery opening or Jeff would have had to physically removed me from the crawfish table. No. Even Jeff's not big enough to do that - I would have been the last CAJUN standing. Let me add here, that in order not to embarrass myself, I had a big bowl of Blue Bell Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream before I left to go to the Masons so I'd be partially full.

I guess next year I should offer to work setting up the tents or something to be sure my invitation doesn't get lost in the mail.

This is a good time to say my prayer to the CAJUN/CRAWFISH gods like I do every night before I go to sleep - "When I die may my mouth be full of boiled crawfish."

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