Tuesday, February 3, 2009


In my 35 years of marriage, for the first time ever, someone asked me for a recipe. When the garden club met at Katrina's she served these rollups and I loved them. Asked for the recipe and then said, "No, never mind, I can't cook these." Katrina insisted and emailed me the recipe. I printed it out, and Bob had to eat 3 batches before the garden club met at my house. Some ate more than one.

Last night the Forest Hills Board met here, I cooked the rollups and guess what, guess what???? First Margaret asked me for the recipe and this morning Judy emailed for the recipe. Katrina's husband, Mark, is on the board and every time someone complimented the rollups, I gave Katrina credit, not only for the rollups, but for pushing me to cook them.

I'd love to impress old friends with this story, but they wouldn't believe me. Just assume my "exaggerate" gene was kicking in. No one was surprised when the recipe Barb gave me tanked, just surprised I tried. I must have stepped through the cooking portal to the Parallel Universe for the rollups to come out edible. Hope I can get back there once again.
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