Saturday, February 7, 2009

HeART AND SOUL a the Bath House Cultural Center

A few events I forgot to tell you about. Cynthia picked me up and we went to Todd's Plan event. Cynthia told me later her Bamboo Breeze went for big bucks at the live auction. Don't know about my little camera in the silent auction. On to the Bath House for the HeART AND SOUL show. Diana did a great job. She put on the show through the Creative Art Center. Everybody was there. Bob came around 8:00 after Jay and Phyllis. That's us in the first picture, then Babe Cathie (always cute) and me. Last is Bill and Babe Marty with her new haircut. Her hair was so healthy and shiny it looked like light from within.

Earlier I ran into Kathy and complimented her on Best Of Show at the Shoe show at Decorazon Gallery. I saw the big blue ribbon, but she told me that was best presentation or something. Another shoe got Best of Show. What a rip. Her piece was fantastic. I can't believe she didn't get the top prize.

I wore this blouse because my chair is in a zebra pattern. Now that I see me in the blouse I realize - I look like a zebra. I'm surprised people didn't get dizzy when the saw my stripes moving. Betcha there were people there wondering if I have a full length mirror in my house. What I wonder is if the store where I bought the blouse had one and I forgot to look. Scary! I'd have done better going as the Superheroine Spiderwoman I truly am.
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