Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day - Hearts Abound II

This little heart can cut you up. Literally. Made the glass a bit too sharp. Ted told me a goofy blond walked into his gallery picked up one of these hearts and went, "Oooh, it cut me." My response would have been, "Love Hurts." Probably would have worked. I asked Ted if he looked directly into her eyes and saw the back of her empty head. Come on, you know this girl, in fact you know several.

The BlackJack walk was a mystical world last night with all the fog and mist. Clouds covered the moon and stars, so only porch lights glowed spreading wet yellowish circles, spooky. Perfect atmosphere for Super Power Spider Woman. Bob's not embarrassed when I'm in my true Super Power Spider Woman ensemble, but like James Randall, BlackJack is easily embarrassed, so sweats are dress code for the his walk. Not to worry the power's is always with me.
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