Thursday, February 5, 2009

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Meetings this week. First the Forest Hills Board meeting, (the last picture), next the White Rock East Garden and Artisan's Tour (the one with the lamp) and this morning Forest Hills Garden Club, with the fabulous Tomato Lady. She wowed the crowd.

The two meetings not at my house blew away my little cooking adventure. Donna had home made dips, pigs in a blanket, rollups, home made brownies, a lemon square dessert and all kinds of other foods. I think everyone attends the tour meetings for her food. When I have the meetings at my house, turn out is LOW say the least. A date was decided on - May 17, so mark you calendars now. Andie's yard is one of our gardens this year and she came with me to the meeting. She walked in and knew nearly everyone there. I'll be at her house as close to her big dinosaur as I can. Wait, maybe not, her dinosaur will make my metal pieces look insignificant.

Hard to get up this morning in time for the Forest Hills Garden Club meeting. I stayed up half the night with my new James Lee Burke novel. The setting for this one is not New Iberia, but I don't care, still has our hero and his wife and friend. You must realize for someone like me from a very small town in Louisiana, I was amazed when I opened his first novel. Our Hero is sitting in the New Iberia Parrish Courthouse parking lot waiting for the pouring rain to stop so he can take his prisoner inside to the jail. If Our Hero would turn his head to the left he would be looking at my Aunt Rita's house where I spent half my childhood. How can I put down a Burke book? Worth staying up all night to read them.

Jumped out of bed, brushed teeth, threw on clothes and to the Forest Hills Garden Club with our featured celebrity speaker, The Tomato Lady. She was terrific. We love our "gentle giant" oak trees, but they do make growing any plant who needs sun a challenge. Great hat. She says she also has an herb hat and other plant hats. What's not to enjoy about this lady? Barbara, our hostess, had a wonderful spread of food all gluten free. Delicious and her home is wonderful. A good time was had by all.
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