Thursday, May 13, 2010

Artists and Fairy Tales on the tour

Let's start talking about artists on the White Rock East Garden & ARTISANS' Tour. Here's one of my absolute favorites, Cynthia Daniel. Cynthia and I joined the Texas Sculpture Association board almost 3 years ago. With no experience or preparation we started curating shows for the TSA. Talk about learn through doing. But we put on some pretty good shows with some great artists. When she's not curating shows; she's welding, fusing glass and mosaicing with her incredible talent. She's on the tour. We're in the same garden. When she's busy talking to someone I tell everyone her art is mine to make me look good. Come see us. And remember, the art is for sale.

And a shameless plug. Double click on to read my article about Jessica and her Magic Dragonfly. You'll meet both on the tour.
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