Friday, May 14, 2010

Artists' road trip

Juli picked up Andie and me around noon yesterday for our Road Trip. We loaded 4 of my little miniature chairs in the back of Juli's VW bug, "Daisy" so we could stop at the powder coat place in McKinney first. Love those guys and how they turn my rusty pieces unrusty, colorful and shiny. On to ArtPlace in Dennison before stopping for our favorite fast food - Sonic burgers - where Andie pointed out there's no bathroom. Thanks.

Rolling towards Dennison with me in the back seat playing with the map thing on my iphone. I managed to get us to Oklahoma, for goodness sakes. My response is why would two intelligent girlfriends let me navigate from the back seat on a phone I can barely make calls with?

Juli u-turned Daisy and put Andie in charge of navigation while I curled up in the back seat. We got to downtown Dennison (lovely) and found Art Place, a gallery and art supply store. Doug spent time with us explaining the glues and sculpt stuff we bought. Juli loves to use toxic glues where she has to wear masks that would scare aliens. The glue we bought is tough, but non toxic. Now what will I harass Juli about? I know, letting me take more pictures of her wonderful pieces. Especially the pieces she makes for Kittrell Riffkin. When she's in a show there, the pieces sell before the show opens. Juli sold her mermaid at Katrina's Exquisite Creatures The Mermaid Show opening reception last week. She's our star!

Juli will be showing and selling her art in the 1508 Bella Vista garden in Casa Linda during the White Rock East Garden & Artisans' tour. Don't miss her.
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