Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tic Tac Heart

Hearts and rusty metal. The heart inside the tic tac toe is a piece of granite. Chris gave me the cut outs from bathroom sinks. I used most of the cutouts to pave my welding area. Fanciest paving in Old East Dallas and doesn't burn when I throw sparks with the welder. I decided to cut one piece into a heart, weld a tic tac toe and put the heart in the center. Kinda cute. Sold it during the studio tour. Made the one pictured for me then sold it at the garden tour. Like with every piece I make, I decide to keep if for myself. Then I have nothing to put in a show, so there they go. The next one I make for my garden will bring out all the little romantic creatures who live in the back yard and I will not sell it.
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