Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Garden Art on Garden Tour

Two Robert Bellamy pieces were on the tour at Jimmy's house. I thought Jimmy said he had two mosaic pots, but didn't see the other one. Last year the Garden Club Girls went to Mr. Bellamy's place for lunch. The night before was my first welding class of that semester. There was this very attractive girl, Staci, with a pink feather in her hair, big pretend dangle drop earrings, pink lipstick and pink nails. She was welding away. Of course, this was someone I had to meet. We hit it right off.

Next day was the Bellamy field trip and I find Staci heads up the whole Bellamy group. I talk her into doing a totem for the State Fair of Texas. She delivers a fabulous piece. And she's doing one for me this year again. Such a small world.
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