Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Tour is ON

The White Rock East Garden & Artisans Tour is on today, Sunday, May 17 from 11:00 to 5:00. It's going to be a beautiful sunshine and coolish day. Perfect for touring gardens and buying art. Look for me in the garden with the big dinosaur.

Let's start the thanks now. All the media places I sent blurbs and pictures to (and there's a bunch) responded. I've tried to list all of you and I apologized if I forgot someone. I have a big spreadsheet on all of you, so I warn you now - I'll be back next year asking you to be as kind to us again. Personally, I'm delighted some of you have become friends.

Now all the VOLUNTEER committee members who have worked so hard to put this together. Bob Klug said it best, "Everyone's so professional." Lots of people did lots of work. This isn't one of those groups who all say they will do something and then 4 or 5 people do everything. Those who hosted our meetings provided wonderful treats. After the tour, I'm going to "try" your kale recipe, Barb. Only Barb can make kale taste good.

This tour is THE party to attend in East Dallas, the small town inside the big city. Go to my website, and write down one address. There will be brochures at each location with addresses, maps, garden and artists descriptions, plant sale, sponsors, coupons and neighborhood histories. If you look hard enough, the brochure probably has something in it to make your dreams come true. WAIT - your dream is to attend a wonderful garden party and here we are for you.
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