Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Do

We met James Randall for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory across from Northpark on New Year's Eve. He'd just left Salon D where Angie cut his hair (their once a year annual event). I think James Randall may be channeling our friend Weldon. R's ready for his closeup.

Of course pictures of the new do and the restaurant is too dark so we walked over to Barnes and Noble. I would have asked a customer to get a picture of all 3 of us, but decided not to turn the store into a photo shoot.

Bob and I went to see Crazy Heart, with Jeff Brides, the next day. Great movie. While watching I could almost see why Randall wants to be on stage with his guitar. Course I hope he hits big and can support his parents in the manner to which they deserve?!?!?

Last but not least, I'll be posting soon on soon.
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