Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's Resolution

I hate New Year's Resolutions, but this year decided to walk at least a mile a day in this beautiful neighborhood. Well, yesterday, I drove to Fort Worth to see Mom, then Bob and I went to see Crazy Heart, then out to eat. Well you know how that goes, then it's nearly time for the BlackJack walk (actually a sniff and mark). OK, missed the first day. Got out there today.

Nope, that's not BlackJack sitting in Jim and Virginia's front yard. This puppy dog is June who is a smaller clone of BlackJack. She's sitting out there all by herself. I was afraid to step foot in the yard, she might be protecting it from predators and eat me. Her fur is shining and healthy in the sunlight.

We can't walk this block with BlackJack. Virginia's next door neighbor had like a dozen black cats at one time. One night we passed Virginia's house and were not paying attention. BlackJack stopped and wouldn't move. In the middle of the street another house down were all the cats in the street - watching us. Freaked out Bob and me, too. BlackJack will not go past the stop sign into that block anymore. Virginia and Cynthia assured me all have been adopted or fixed, so it's OK for BlackJack. Maybe they can convince him, we can't.

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