Wednesday, January 27, 2010


First daffodils/jonquils for my yard this year. I'm most fond of plants I've been givenperennials and plants I've been given than any other. Today was high 60's, but very cold weather is suppose to be on the way. I need to get a new cardboard box to cover the Japanese Maple Barb gave me. The rain kinda melted the box, but I'm pretty sure the maple is happy.

Monday Barb picked up me, Andie and Cynthia for the first Garden Tour committee at Bob K's. This coming Monday is the general meeting at my house. After hosting our Christmas party, Forest Hills Garden Club meeting, Manicure Lecture Series and Monday's Garden Tour meeting, I'll be done hostessing for a while. Can't believe January is over and we're about to be springtime busy.

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