Monday, February 8, 2010

Who Dat Say Who Dat?

I haven't heard from the rest of Louisiana, but friends and family in New Iberia tell me the party continues right now on Main Street. I can remember watching the Saints as a little kid on Indest Street.

To all my Guilbeau, Arceneau, Babineaux and Rousseau relatives and friends:

Laissez les bons temps rouler. (Let the good times roll)

Suggestion: double click on New Iberia a really interesting town with an interesting history.

James Lee Burke one of my all time favorite writers spent half his life there and wrote novels set in New Iberia. The first novel I read his hero, Dave Robicheaux, was sitting in the parking lot of the New Iberia courthouse waiting for the rain to abate enough to go inside. If Dave would have turned his head to his left he would have been looking at my aunts' house. The three of them were born, raised and still live in that house.

If Dave were real, as some point during his career in the sheriff's department, he would have knocked on their door when a hurricane was on the way and begged them to go to a safe place. All three were school teachers. All three would have taught him at some time. Knowing they would never consider leaving the house, Dave (as the real sheriff's do) would be keeping a special eye on them and the house.

If you haven't read a James Lee Burke novel about New Iberia, run to your bookstore or library now. Nothing better than getting yourself lost in Dave Robicheaux' world.
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