Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Forest Hills Garden Club meets tomorrow night

Forest Hills Garden Club meets tomorrow at Mary's. Mike - gardener extraordinaire, will speak to us. Everyone's looking forward to this one. I might consider a touch of heckling, but the garden girls would sit on me. Everyone wants to hear his advice. Mike's also in charge of the White Rock East Garden & Artisans' Tour plant sale (May 23). You'd think now would be the time to get on his good side in hopes of buying some of the plant sale plants before the hordes get there. But no, there's a very strict rule about that one. Add fanatic gardeners with fanatic garden tour organizers and don't be messing with them.

Check out this BlackWhiteRead article for commentary on the first general planning meeting for the tour.

And please go back and read my BlackWhiteRead article on naming Barbara Dybala's cement mixer. I have lots of names I can't put in print. People - I need some clean names! Email me or put them in the comments block in this article. I get them either way.

Remember fabulous prizes given for Artscape at the Arboretum (March 20-21).

And always check out for odd tidbits.
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