Sunday, February 7, 2010

El Corazon at the Bath House

El Corazon reception last night. Randall and Jamie came in from Denton. Randall hasn't missed an art opening I've been involved in yet, even coming to the garden tours. Thank you, dear heart. The second picture is of Juli's heart showcasing her wonderful cut glass pieces and safety glass. She's going to help me with a piece I want to do in safety glass involving Randall's art. The girls in the picture are great artists, friends and my support group. I also have to mention how supportive their husbands are of me. Bob, Randall, Jamie and I went on to the Times Ten Cellar show to see Jay, Marty and others. Then to Penne Pomodoro in Lakewood Shopping Center, where I confess we had not eaten since they opened. Bob suggested it and everyone's dinner was delicious. Better yet, everyone in the restaurant made us feel so welcome. I have leftovers to munch on during the Super Bowl. We'll be regulars from now on. Going to see Mom and then Glo and I are going walking before the Super Bowl comes on.
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