Monday, December 21, 2009

2009 Christmas party pics #4

I love how people mingled so well this year. I have other pictures of Ms. Stearns pretty in purple. Now all are of her back.

To Patrizios tonight to meet great friends. One said the magic sentence tonight. She noted her 10 year old dogs were getting up slowly, too, because of arthritis. She reminded me her doggies were 10 years old. Gave me hope for BlackJack. He's getting up slowly going to be 14 soon. Becky's right, it's arthritis, not old age.

I had to give Evan a Christmas hug. Patrizios was slammed with customers. Without missing a beat Evan said, "Merry Christmas, Lottie." No way I could remember my customer's names on a very slow day. He's amazing and runs, in my humble opinion, the best Italian restaurant in town. This was our friends' first time, but not last. They were delighted with the food and couldn't get over the reasonable prices. How great for them to see the lighted trees of HP Village during the holidays, always my favorite.

I just finished putting together the first page of the brand new Octopus and Octopie website/blog up. Don't have a clue what to do now. If you get a chance, check out:
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