Sunday, March 23, 2008

Water Tower Theatre Show (metal chair)

Haven't mentioned the Water Tower Theatre Show.

The show began Saturyday, March 1 and finishes Sunday, April 27. The Water Tower Theatre is located at 15650 Addison Road, Addison, Texas 75001.

Delbert Beckham, the wonderful artist of big rusty flowers is there with several pieces. He also came through for me at the Arboretum show where he put in two great sculptures. Art Wells has a several pieces, too. Come by and see my two pieces and theirs before the show closes. The area is lovely and last time I stopped in the tulips were in full bloom.

Here's the two pieces I entered. Thru Chanels Roundly is a one of my favorites and The People's Chair is fun and surprisingly comfortable to sit in.
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