Friday, July 11, 2014

Plant perseveres

Walking with the girls this morning when this little plant/weed stopped both the dogs and us.  Growing in a crack between the curb and the street in the middle of cement, this little guy perseveres.  Dallas, Texas heat, drops of runoff water and the occasional tire crunch seem to inspire growth.  Makes me think I really can grow taller learn to sing opera.

Or live in a gnome house:

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Gnome house

Abby discovered the garden gnome house in the back yard.  She opened the door of one house and pushed her head in tho her head was nearly the size of the house.  Abby sat up and the house with her.  She wore the King of the Gnomes house on her head several days before realizing it wasn't desirable head attire.   
Always the fashion statement, Abby tried to remove the house from her head, but alas it was stuck.  In retaliation, the gnomes poured Quick Statue on Abby.  Once a statue, the gnomes built several gnome homes on her and lived happily ever after in Abby Crevice.  

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July flight of the bounce house

We filled it with helium.  Let a few kids tie themselves to the towers.  Parade dads gave it a boost from below and with a bit of wind - Flight of the Bounce House - leading the parade.  Over the fire truck, past the police car, into the treetops toward the lake.  Who knew one of the ankle biters tied to a tower wore cowboy boots with spurs?  And he's a kicker?
You guessed it, just as the wind carried Bounce House to the middle of the lake.  Except for a shark eating the ankle biter, all was not lost.  Sea horses carried the rest of the children to shore.  Mermaids restored Bounce House and made it a safe house for wanna be flying fish. Happy ending.
Till next 4th of July.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tomorrow's the 4th of July

Tomorrow's the 4th of July.
Our neighborhood parade starts at 10:00.  Picnic for all courtesy of one of our most generous families.  Games for the children and a bounce house.  Hope it doesn't fly away, but a big balloon house flying over would be great.  Kids inside would win the coolest summer story. 
Many years ago the fire truck left us for a fire right after the parade started.  Happened again the very next year.  Now I walk in front of the truck leading the parade.  Stopped that nonsense.
Happy 4th of July East Dallas and USA.
Let Freedom Ring
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