Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July flight of the bounce house

We filled it with helium.  Let a few kids tie themselves to the towers.  Parade dads gave it a boost from below and with a bit of wind - Flight of the Bounce House - leading the parade.  Over the fire truck, past the police car, into the treetops toward the lake.  Who knew one of the ankle biters tied to a tower wore cowboy boots with spurs?  And he's a kicker?
You guessed it, just as the wind carried Bounce House to the middle of the lake.  Except for a shark eating the ankle biter, all was not lost.  Sea horses carried the rest of the children to shore.  Mermaids restored Bounce House and made it a safe house for wanna be flying fish. Happy ending.
Till next 4th of July.

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