Saturday, April 24, 2010


Tonight is the reason I work hard on getting the word out for the White Rock Lake Garden & Artisans' Tour. My treat is an invitation to - DRUMROLL - the Mason's crawfish boil. And tonight excellent is too small a word. Wonderful hosts, super party, great people, but the crawfish? Oh, the two cooks said they weren't Cajun, but I don't believe a word. I'm telling you these people know how to cook crawfish - gotta have random Cajun somewhere there.

And it's Donna's birthday - Happy Birthday, Donna!

May I describe the little critters? Big, juicy, perfectly spiced, big claws, sweet tails and the heads? So many people don't eat the heads, just more for little lucky me. I'll be taking my third cholestrol pill in a few minutes.

Come to the Garden Tour, Sunday, May 23, from 11:00 tgo 5:00.

As usual, it's all about me - make me worthy of Media Czar for the Garden Tour - and I might get invited to next year's party.
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