Thursday, October 30, 2008



And I deserved it.  Did any other party goer spend two HOURS putting on fabulous eyelashes?  Did any other party goer have to sit quietly for another hour waiting for the tears to wash the eyelash glue out of her eyes?  I suffered torment to become the Spider Woman who won BEST COSTUME.  Oh, and my alter ego "Flash" forgot her camera.  David, our favorite police officer, pulled in and I talked him into escorting me home to get my camera.  So perfect because when we returned there were a lot more party goers and I got to make an exit from the back of the patrol car in full fabulous (did I mention fabulous?) costume.  There were a few others who looked pretty good, I admit.  I would have been worried if Judy Whalen was still there for the costume judging.  I'll have pictures of her and other party goers in future postings.  I see no reason to have competition on this post.  This is all about me.  I won a $25 gift certificate to Starbucks.  $25 is six medium sized green tea frappicinos with extra whipped cream.  Sometimes they put my drink in a large size glass and add as much whipped cream as the big cup will allow.  Those are the days I know I've done something nice for someone and the karma is coming back to me.  I find it hard to sit still in the car to get to my next stop after all that sugar, but that's a small sacrifice.  

This summer Martha Dawn told me life's too short to give up ice cream.  I took her at her word and now keep Blue Bell mint chocolate chip in the freezer.  I stuff as much as I can in a large coffee cup once a day and savor every bite.  You know I really really try not to have the mint chocolate chip on the days I have the green tea frappicino with extra whipped cream.   But some things in life are just too hard.  The days the Starbucks folks put my green tea frappicino in the large cup and there's as much whipped cream as there is green tea frappicino I try extra hard not to have that mint chocolate chip ice cream, but does Spider Woman give up that one extra bug in her web?  I think not.

Continuing White Rock Tour pics

This is my darling Mel, who has just come home from a grand adventure to be back with his family.  What would my first time on the tour be without him coming by?  He had Dana with him and she was looking really healthy (we worry about her health).  She's feeling so much better.  I don't know why she's not in the picture with Mel.  They left us and went on to the State Fair of Texas to enjoy the last day.  Mel said they (especially Dana) spent the day eating Fair food.  

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More White Rock Lake Artist Studio Tour pictures

Top picture of Miss Lorie with her hair shining like a halo.

Art in the Garden during the Tour

Here we are - the Girls!  Me, with my hand on Miss Lorie's shoulder, Angie in her cute hat and darling Ms. Stearns.  These girlfriends were on last shift the last day of the tour (Sunday).  They like the other girlfriends were terrific, showing up to help me my first time on the White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour.  

Next picture, this is one of the ladies visiting the tour checking out the table with little things; Christmas ornaments, earrings, cross pendants, etc.  Then some tour goers with me and my "tall chair", which no one was interested in.  I love it, but I'm thinking I need to have it powder coated in lipstick red or something so people won't walk right by it.  Who knows?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour - pictures

More fun on the Tour.  First picture is me with my "tall chair".  Not a great picture, but the flowers are from Steve Stansbury, my oldest friend.  He and I lived across the street from each other in New Iberia, Louisiana when we were children.  He and Alvin never forget my birthday though I forget all their important dates.  I love and adore Steve always.  Back in the 50's when all the parents parented all the children on the block, Mrs. Stansbury was one of the gentle Moms.  Still is, gentle and elegant.  Mr. and Mrs. Stansbury live in the same house they lived in when I was 3 years old and it's familiar every time I walk in the front door.  So many good memories.  The flowers are still smiling at me from the living room.  

Next picture is my teacup and teapot totem garden.  Instead of walking through out front door when we leave and come home, we drive in the back to the garage, so I think of the back as our entrance and decided to do something with the back little garden.  Since I'm not a gardener, but try to get a few things growing, I find the teacups and teapot totems never wilt, droop or die.

Last, but not least, these are Mel's motorcycle pipes.  He brought them to me 5 years ago (through the front door during our annual Christmas party).  I looked at them all those 5 years, never could see them as sculpture and threw them out.  Bob saw them by the garbage cans and of course came up with the idea for me to weld a base and stand them up.  I put some flowers in the top of the tubes during the tour.  They didn't sell, but look like a million motorcycle bucks.

Tonight Cynthia hosted a Barbaree Babes Birthday Party.  Chere and I both had birthdays Saturday, October 18.  Party was delightful.  I put a moratorium on presents, but Vince had already bought me a birdhouse.  So sweet of him since his birdhouses have all been stolen since the garden tour.  I'll have it hung and birds will be nesting soon.  Glo made Chere and me each one of her wonderful wire animals.  A chicken, of course, for Chere and a squirrel for me.  I'll treasure the birdhouse and squirrel.  Both so perfect for me.  Many wonderful cards.  Laurie couldn't make the party.  Her beautiful 18 year old cat, Odie, died and she is in mourning.  We all understand and send much love to her.

Cynthia's house looks better every time I visit.  I will put a picture of the welded flower she gave me for my birthday on the blog soon.  She's really got something there with her flowers.S  She welded a small bottle tree for her counter.  It's right under a light so the colored bottles sparkle.   Did I remember to  bring a camera to the Chere and Babette Babe birthday party?  Nooooooooooo

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour - more pics

The first picture is of my rock fountain.  You can't tell from the picture, but I'm so impressed.  I made it 3 days before the tour and the water is still going.  Bart drilled a hole in a big rock I gave him, but I couldn't figure out how to use it.  Now I know I can make another fountain and use the rock Bart drilled the hole in.  Thank you Bart.  Second picture is of Lorie and people wandering around the back yard.  I'm pretending the back yard looks like there's a neat garden there.  Lorie kept rearranging my rock fountain (and the rest of the back yard).  She put in a little heart I'd cut out of a piece of granite in the rock fountain.  I thought it didn't look good there.  Next people who walked in commented favorably about the heart.  Of course!  Lorie and Ms. Stearns love that.  The two ladies in the last picture were so delightful and elegant.  They made me feel like all the hard work getting ready for the tour was worth it so they could come by and enjoy.  You just know they make people smile when they grace them with their presence.

Monday, October 20, 2008

more White Rock Lake Artist Studio Tour pictures

Today was takeout for the State Fair.  I took some pictures, but I can't find my camera.  Here's some continuing Tour pictures.  Top picture is Lynn and Cissy.  I know Cissy doesn't understand why I continue to misspell her name.  I must tell her someday I have a friend who's real name is Cissy.  My other Cissy couldn't decide on a name for her daughter, so on the daughter's birth certificate the name is No Name.  We call her Noni.  I've always thought I'm the same size as (pictured) Cissy and want her clothes.  Finally, Lynn and Cissy convinced me we're not the same size.  I'm wondering where that puts me on Cissy's list of who gets her clothes.  Of course you remember my dear Lynne, my "good" son's godmother.   Next picture - the purple girls.  That's Kate, one of my most amazing artists at the Fair.  Last picture, Janice and Kathy.  I have a year to work on them for the Fair next year.  

I must tell you for once our back yard looked nice.  After 15 years finally got it cleaned up a bit.  I can squint and pretend it's a lovely garden, with art mixed in.  Course you do have to squint.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour

My birthday was Saturday.  The best gift was friends who came to be with me during the tour, friends who visited and new people we met.  I'm tired, here's some pictures, more later.  The only disappointment is can't find a picture of Cynthia.  I am going to take a picture of her present for you tomorrow.  She welded the most perfect flower for me.  She also brought the most delicious cake (which I only shared with a few) and didn't get a picture of - a shame because it was beautiful.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bob and Me at the State Fair of Texas

Bob had to run out to the Fair tonight.  I said I'd love to go if he would take a little time from meeting with people and walk around with me.  He agreed so off we went.  Here's a picture of Errol and Bob.  Errol's wife, Sandy and I are going to have a big anniversary party in a few years when Errol and Bob have known each other 50 years.  Why not?  Can you imagine the guest list?  Then a picture of Linda and me.  I can never be around Linda without thinking of her brother Bob.  I simply adored him and still miss him.

Here's only a few pictures of some of Bob's designs.  It was getting late, so the other pictures didn't turn out great.  I love the arches Bob designed and the coupon booths.  Among my favorite.  I love going to the Fair with new friends and say, "Bob designed that, Bob designed that."  Old friends beat me to it and point out Bob's designs to me and the group before I can.  When James Randall was growing up every year he took pictures of Bob's new designs and old designs.  His pictures made a nice journal of Bob's work.  I still can't get over seeing the drawings on Bob's drawing board (now his computer) and then going out to the Fair and there they are in person.  Bob does so much work out of state and overseas there's a lot he's done I haven't seen.  But here are his drawing come to life at the Great State Fair of Texas.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wednesday State Fair Pictures

Pretty cool pieces!

Randall's Music Garden, Randall's Totem Garden

Yesterday I ran into 3 different people who'd been to the State Fair and saw either Randall's Music Garden at Bob's Museum Fountain or Randall's Music Totem at the Totem Garden at the lagoon, next to the bird show..  All 3 saw one but not the other.  Here's pictures and directions.  Maybe that will help.  More pictures of artist's sculptures to come.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lots of State Fair pictures

Jeff from Modern Dallas posted a lot of pictures from the sculpture show at the State Fair, but not all.  Artists feelings were hurt and I was told about it and felt terrible.  I was so low I asked Wonderful Wonderful Jeff to please post all.  He's going to.  He saved me.  I know you can't please everyone all the time, but WOW I've had some missteps with this show.  Hopefully learned from it.  90% of the artists have been so happy with everything and they continue words of encouragement.  Guess 100% is too much to ask for.

Here's some new photos and I'll try to get more on tonight.  I have to get back outside.  Cleaning up the backyard and studio for this weekends White Rock Lake Artists Studio Tour.  

Any landscapers out there - consider these incredible pieces for your landscaped garden beds.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Juli's Totem

I went to visit Juli and Doug and see her vandalized totem.  So sad.  They are both trying to figure out the best way to fix it.  Talked to Lynn later and she had ideas.  Shouldn't have to fix it.  Bad things should not have happened to it.  Rebecca said we will have extra security for the sculptures during the weekend since it's Texas OU weekend at the State Fair.  Maybe they will extend the security.  Next post will have more totem pictures that are in good shape.  We must not let the bad guys win.

Juli and Doug showed me new baby goldfish in their fabulous pond who live peacefully with the koi.  They said I could have some.  Don't have a pond, but maybe a little container of some kind is in my future?  I could put out a little sign for the raccoons that's it's OK to visit in our back yard, but no fishing.

Check out where many of the sculptures are featured.  Jeff came out and met Hardy and me and then put the pictures on his site.  What a good guy.  Hopefully an article to follow.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I am heartbroken

I am heartbroken.  Juli's beautiful mosaic totem has been damaged.  Rebecca from the Fair found river rocks close by.  She thinks children were throwing rocks at each other and hit the totem instead.  This incredible piece is very damaged.  If Rebecca's right, serious damage would have been done the kids if the rocks had hit them.  I kinda prefer that.  Sounds terrible, but Juli put hours and hours into this piece and shame on whoever did it, their parents, their parents parents and all their nasty family.  If someone did this on purpose, I wish you many bad things in your life.

Here's what Juli said to me on the phone when she arrived to see the damage, "Shit happens.  I am honored to be in this show and I hope you invite me next year."  Can you believe how classy she is?  It was all I could do not to burst into tears.  I can't believe I'd be that good in that situation.  What an amazing person.  Still, I'm sure she's devastated.  If only I could wave a magic wand and make this not have happened. 
I am so honored to call Juli my friend. 

Continuing State Fair Pictures

More wonderful State Fair of Texas Sculptures in the totem garden.  First is Cynthia's delightful flamingo.  Then Chere and Jack's incredible totem.  Barbara's Fairy Tree.

When Hardy and Jeff and I were out the other day, we were talking about the pieces and the artist/friends.  You know, whey they agreed to make a piece for the Fair, not one artist just "threw" something together.  All came with extraordinary pieces we are all so proud of.  I think every picture I've posted of the sculptures proves how special these friends and their pieces are.  I'm so proud and impressed.  Life is good when you have good friends.